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Enjoy a perfect day on the beach at Mandala Beach Cancun. During the day, this is the favorite beach club thanks to its relaxed ambiance and during night it turns into an eclectic nightclub where you can enjoy an exclusive Pool Party.

During the day, Mandala Beach opens daily (from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm) and offers you a privileged location in front of one of the most beautiful beaches in Cancun and complete facilities for you to live an unforgettable day: 3 pools, lounge chairs, beach beds, private villas, bar, restaurant, exclusive beach and good music. In addition, the amount you pay to reserve your access during the day is converted into a food and beverage credit.

Mandala Beach Day Cancun Adults Zone

Access to the Club + Bed/Lounge chair + Food and Beverage Credit (Daily 11:00 am - 6:00 pm)

Mandala Beach, the best beach club in Cancun, reopens its doors and is more than ready to welcome you again. Enjoy the best music, food and delicious drinks with your family and friends with the required sanitary measures. LIMITED AVAILABILITY!



Central Adults Zone

  • $ 1,000 USD | Bed A (4 Covers + $1,000 USD in consumption)

  • $ 800 USD | Bed B (4 Covers + $800 USD in consumption)

  • $ 500 USD | Bed C (4 Covers + $500 USD in consumption)

Beach Front Adults Zone:

  • $ 80 USD | Lounge Chair (1 Cover + $80 USD in consumption)

  • $ 800 USD | Bed (4 Covers + $800 USD in consumption)

Villas Adults Zone:

  • $ 850 USD | Bed (4 Covers + $850 USD in consumption)

  • $ 1,250 USD | Villa (8 Covers + $1,250 USD in consumption)


Family Zone:

  • $60 USD | Lounge Chair (1 Cover + $60 USD in consumption)

  • $300 USD | Bed (4 Covers + $300 USD in consumption)

Access mandatory requires consumption of food from our kitchen


DRESS CODE: Chic casual-chic beach outfit. Mandatory swimsuit, as well as sandals / beach shoes. // Sports shorts, gym shorts, jeans, loose clothing are prohibited.


Access mandatory requires consumption of food from our kitchen



Check in from 11:00 AM and must be completed before 12:30 PM to guarantee the area reserved. 

Includes: Access to the Beach Club from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm in the zone reserved; Cover + Lounge Chair or Limited Covers for BED/ VILLA reservations (guaranteed until 1:00 Pm) ; Limited food and beverage consumption; Access to showers and toilets; Towel service ($10 USD deposit required that will be refunded at the end of the day).

Does not include: Cover reservations does not include BED / VILLA; Tips; Locker (not available).

Mandala Beach Club has the main measures, actions and health policies.


It's essential to comply with the sanitation process at the entrance in order to access the facilities. (Mandatory to use face mask, measurement of temperature, application of gel and sanitizing mat)


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