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For first timers:

If you are coming  to Cancun for the first time here is some useful information that hopefully will help you have a better and more joyful trip.

The most iconic area of Cancun, known to the world as the "Hotel Zone," is a 13-mile-long island sandbar that is attached to the mainland by its northern and southern tips. The strip of land is home to over a hundred hotels and luxury resorts—all within walking distance to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon squishing soft sand between your toes, then head to one of the many restaurants in the Hotel Zone. After dinner, sip on a margarita at a local bar and dance to the world’s best DJs at one of the Zone's vibrant discotecas (nightclubs).

Low season is consider from October to the first half of December this might be it because is considered rainy season although rain may come and go in 10 minutes or it might last for a few days its also when you will find the best prices from hotel rooms to flights and places not so crowded. Peak dates are considered New Years eve, Spring break (usually last week of February through the end of March or first week of April) and "Semana Santa" (the Mexican spring break) also usually the firsts weeks of April. If you are not the party type or looking for some quiet time do not come on those dates, on the other side if you are looking to party than definitely come on those dates, although Cancun parties all year round.  


Cancun has great weather all year long the hottest months are the summer months and the colder months (if you can even call them that) are December and January where the lowest will be around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Cancun is know for its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters and of course it amazing world famous parties and nightlife.


Cancun airport is around a 15 minute drive from the hotel Zone, most know hotels are located in this "hotel Zone" which is around a 5 to 20 minute drive from downtown Cancun (depending where you are staying)

Legal age to drink in Mexico is 18 years and be sure to bring your ID with you to clubs as they do ask for ID's specially if you look young.

Drugs are illegal in Mexico including weed (unlike other countries where weed is legal) even as recreational use.


Cancún’s most popular nightclubs are within walking distance of each other in the Zona Hotelera, at Punta Cancún. The Zona Hotelera also has some great lounge bars. Downtown, meanwhile, has nightclubs specializing in Latin music, and the city’s best live music, theater, and movies

Nightlife in the clubs normally starts late in Cancun (around 11PM) .Travelers visiting Cancun can stay out until 5 or 6am in most Cancun Super clubs. The majority of these hotspots are located in the Hotel District itself, making them a convenient cab ride or bus ride home from an evening on the town. People from all over the world come here. Europeans love the Cancun nightlife, so be prepared to meet people from Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, and Britain as you tour the club circuit.

American Spring Breakers have also made Cancun something of a pilgrimage spot in their quest for ongoing fun. Clubs like Mandala Disco, The City, Coco Bongo, are just a few of the Cancun’s nightlife hotspots frequented by Continentals and Americans alike. Cancun Super clubs feature fantastic dance floors, and some have live performances, bikini contests, circus-style acts, and contests that run throughout the night.

Bars and lounges can be found both in the Hotel District and Cancun City for those who prefer a more laid-back nightlife. Lounges and fun bars offer a broad range of atmospheres and special activities, and many Salsa clubs can be found throughout the city for those looking to experience traditional Latin culture, music, and dance more personally and directly.


The beach is the main focus of Cancun during the day parasols and bali beds situated along its length stretching down to the water’s edge belonging to mostly to the hotels.


The hotels and beach clubs which adorn its length are on hand to serve you drinks and food all day long so you can relax by the water’s edge with relaxed tuneful beats from the DJ’s drifting on the breeze. Places to check out to party during the day are Mandala Beach, Oasis hotel (specially during spring break or a boat party if you really want to go in. 

Water sports are a natural pastime here stand up paddle boarding and jet skis as well as the fun of the banana boats and diving excursions which are readily available.


Cancun is a world travel destination and Cancun restaurants feature cuisine from all over the world. In addition to traditional Mexican food, travelers can enjoy dining at their choice of seafood, Italian, French, American, and Japanese restaurants.

Many restaurants feature live music, fantastic window seating overlooking Cancun Island, and romantic balconies and patios for those who prefer to sit outside. Silk Asian Bistro provides the theatrical experience of Teppanyaki stations where talented chefs whip up culinary delights right before your eyes.

Regardless of whether or not you are looking for traditional cuisine from your favorite corner of the world, elegant settings and ambience for quiet conversation, or a romantic setting overlooking Cancun’s beautiful Caribbean shoreline, Cancun restaurants begin the nightlife on a special note that makes memories last a lifetime.

The service is exquisite and intended as well to accommodate an International crowd. Menus in the Hotel District are available in English, and wait staff is always willing to help a traveler find their favorite dish on the menu and accommodate him or her with exceptional service.

Many restaurants in Cancun have gorgeous views and open-air dining right on the beach. The Beach House restaurant at ME Cancun has  fantastic views.


You will find luxury Mall all along the hotel zone strip or local souvenir shops near all hotels, if you are looking for cheaper prices or more local stores head out of the hotel zone into downtown Cancun.


From the ultra upscale boutique hotels and  5 star resorts to the more economic ones you will find them all on the hotel zone, it all depends on your budget. If  saving money for clubbing rather than sleeping is important, there’s also a great choice of economically priced options.

Cancun hotel zone  club zone map
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Partier's guide to Cancun

Cancun attracts an international crowd from all walks of life with hotels and venues catering for the uber rich to the more modest budgets and everything in between.

Situated only 15 minutes from the airport the "Hotel Zone" it is ideally located. The "Club Zone" (where all best know clubs in Cancun are) is located inside this Hotel Zone and depending where in the hotel corridor you are staying is either walking distance from you or at the most a 15 minute drive, there is a bus called the R-1 that charges you less than 1 USD to drive you all around the hotel zone corridor and can drop you right in front of the club zone, another way to get around are taxis that you can get right in your hotel or if coming back from the clubs right outside the clubs at all times. 


Nightclubs in the Zona Hotelera charge US$55-80 admission with open bar (all you can drink) included. The clubs open every day, from around 10pm until 4am or later. Special events, like ladies night or bikini parties, vary by the day, club, and season; check our website for the latest info and deals.


Several of the major nightclubs in the Zona Hotelera feature live rock music and even big-name concerts, most notably The City and Palazzo , while the lounges and bars tend toward local DJs or recorded music. Downtown, you’ll find smaller venues featuring more intimate live music, whether jazz, solo guitarists, or trios.


There is not such a thing as "promoters" as know in the USA, in Cancun you will find PRs that sell tickets all over the club zone and the beaches during the day, they are working for a commission so think twice when buying tickets on the street as they can play you with the price. Our best advice is to prebook so you don't have to deal with street sellers trying to hustle you or buying at the door and finding out the venue is sold out . Parties are usually advertised with a few weeks in advance you can check out our party calendar to be up to date on events.


If you are looking to party during the day definitely have to try one of the boat parties offered, nothing can beat partying in the middle of the magical and beautiful Caribbean waters.


You can get tickets for practically all club nights and boat parties on the island in our webpage.

Buying tickets beforehand ensures you get the best price and guaranteed entry. Also keep in mind there are  parties  that sell out, so getting your tickets in advance is always the safest bet. Apart from that, once you're on holiday you don't have to bring as much money with you, nor waste precious time running after tickets. And fear not, should your plans change midway through your Cancun trip, you can cancel the vast majority of our tickets up until 24hrs prior to the event and still get a full refund.


If your friends are all too busy counting pennies and can't get their bums into gear, don't be afraid of heading to Cancun on your own! You'll not only find a welcoming, warm embrace, you'll also certainly not be alone. Tons of people make the solo trip to Cancun each year and they usually go home with a truckload of unforgettable memories as a result. There are party services like the Cuncrawl which makes sure you party with others and we assure you by the end of the night you would have met great people from all over the world.


As with anywhere in the world, it pays to stay informed and practice sensible precautions when traveling here. Tourism authorities in Mexico have pointed out the rarity of violent events and the low numbers of victims of crime compared to the 28 million American tourists who travel to Mexico each year, and this is worth bearing in mind when planning your travel. This said Cancun is VERY safe for tourists. 

Some simple tips to ensure a safe visit to Cancun:​

  • Try to remain within the popular tourist zones, which includes the Hotel Zone

  • Consume alcohol in moderation.

  • Do not do any drugs or ask around for any drugs to anyone, and ignore people who offer them.

  • Do not do anything you would not do back home.


The legal age limit to buy alcohol and tobacco is18. Officially you have to be 18 to get into the clubs. It is illegal to drink alcohol walking on the streets.

In regards to the possession of drugs, the situation is simple, THEY ARE ILEGAL! In Mexico, personal possession of any drug is  a criminal offense. 

Needless to say it is not only very stupid but also ILLEGAL TO DRINK AND DRIVE. And of course, this is the case for driving under the influence of drugs, too. The penalties are severe, and accidents will get you into jail.

As a result, traffic controls and searches by the police on the hotel corridor are becoming increasingly more common, and they test for alcohol as well as drug usage while driving. 


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